Welcome to Tanathi water services Board

Tanathi Water Services Board is pleased to have a Strategic plan for the Board for the years 2017/2018-2022/2023 following the expiry of the applicable time frame for the previous strategic plan for the years 2008-2013. The strategic plan is our roadmap to becoming a model water Board.It articulates our journey towards to developing 70% water coverage and 40% sewerage infrastructure in our jurisdiction. This is in


line with our purpose as a Board, to develop accessible robust water and sewerage infrastructure for Kajiado, Kitui, Machakos and Makueni counties in line with Kenya’s Vision 2030.The four counties have a total population of approximately six million and cover a total area of 65,888 Km2.

The delivery of water and sewerage infrastructure services as contained in this strategic plan will entirely depend on the financial support from the GoK and other stakeholders approved and assented to by the GoK in line with the GoK’s policy guidelines.

It is worth mentioning that through the consistent support of our Government and donors in the water sector we have managed to complete projects like the Yatta Canal Water Rehabilitation Project, the Oiti Borehole project, Lenchani Borehole water project, Matungulu Borehole Water project, Masinga-Kitui Water & Sewerage Project among others. With continued support from both the Government of the Republic of Kenya and Friends of Kenya, we intend to engage in even more aggressive projects to meet our set targets.

I take this opportunity to thank our strategic partners – the AfDB, the World Bank, EU, JICA, UNICEF, the French Government, the Government of Italy and the Government of Belgium - for their unwavering financial and technical support in water infrastructure development to the TAWSB. We intend to continue cultivating mutually supportive relationship with all our stakeholders in ensuring clean water accessibility to all.

Thank you all. God bless Kenya.


Stephen Lukeine Nkabashi.