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Mavoko Water Supply Project



Mavoko water supply project is located at Athi River in Machakos County and is expected to expand and increase water services in Mlolongo, Kitengela, Athi river towns and adjacent areas. Mavoko area has the highest industrialization potential in the country especially in Athi River due to vast land currently under ranches which is gradually changing use to industrial and commercial. The population has also increased tremendously due to massive investment in residential developments.

The project (EPC) is funded by the Belgium Government and the Government of Kenya with a total estimated project cost of Kshs 2.5 billion. ASPAC Intl (sprl) was awarded the Contract for the Design and Construction works and is expected to complete the project by August 2020. The project designs and ESIA studies for water supply system are complete and currently the construction of the 12,000m3/ day water treatment plant is ongoing.


Project Components

Mavoko area has no independent water sources and will rely on bulk supplies from Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company (5,000m3/day) and Nolturesh Water System (1,000m3/day). When fully implemented, it will serve a population of over 250,000 People (42,000 households).

The project components entails development phase (design studies) and implementation phase (construction) of; Rehabilitation and augmentation of KMC (8,000m3/day) and Portland dams (3,000m3/day), water treatment plant of 12,000m3/day, Raw Water Transmission pipelines of length 10km and Treated Water Transmission main of length 13 km from NCWSC to Syokimau.

Project summary

Below is a summary of the current status of Mavoko drinking water supply project.




 COST/ FINANCIER               (000,000)

Mavoko  Drinking Water Supply Improvement

Rehabilitation and Augumentation of Water Supply for Syokimau, Mlolongo, Athi River and Kitengela towns

  • 12,000m3 water treatment plant
  • Desilting of KMCC Dam to produce 8,000m3/day of water
  • Desilting of EAPCC Dam to produce 3,000m3/day of water
  • Installation of pump at Salama Pump station to produce 1,000m3/day of water from Nol turesh
  • Construction of 13km Nairobi pipeline to supply 5000m3/day of water
  • Construction of 5000m3 reservoir tank at Syokimau
  • Rehabilitation of Lukenya Tank (3500m3)

250,000 people

(42,000 Households)

2,500 - Belgium Government